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With juvelook, by boosting collagen and restoring hydration, this therapy seeks to gradually restore the young appearance of the eye areas. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Poly D-Lactic Acid (PDLA) are combined in JuveLook, a hybrid filler and collagen stimulator, to enable this.

> To reduce fine wrinkles, thin skin areas of the face can benefit from injections of JUVELOOK, a collagen skin booster.

The JUVELOOK product utilizes a unique technology from the company to spray microparticles into a porous circular framework, therefore combining ultrafine molecules.

As a result, the process can be carried out even on parts of thin skin, and clumping of collagen does not cause any negative effects.

> Since the microparticle spraying approach selects the Hyaluronic Acid and Poly D-Lactic Acid, which in turn stimulate the formation of collagen in the treated areas,It works well to brighten, minimize pores, keep skin hydrated, increase skin elasticity, and improve fine lines and scars.

> JUVELOOK is a medical device classified as CE Class III and KFDA Class, with approvals for both product performance and safety.


L-form and D-form PLA are selected into fine PLA molecules throughout the manufacturing process to create JUVELOOK.

As a result, unlike current PLA solutions, there are no nodes' negative effects and treatments are offered for the entire face.

JUVELOOK is a filler that is much kinder and less unpleasant.

> For the first four weeks following the injection, JUVELOOK produces the aqua-shine effect of HA. After that, PLA increases the body's natural collagen production.

> The benefits of improved skin persist for almost half a year.

> To use JUVELOOK, suspend it with a Vortex mixer half an hour before to the procedure


Collagen is formed at the product's injection sites when fibroblasts are activated and PLA is broken down by macrophages in the body to trigger an immunological response.

> By constantly mixing with moisture in the dermal and epidermal layers, the produced collagen serves to promote skin hydration, brightness, and regeneration. It also inhibits skin aging.

Moreover, the collagen that is produced encourages the skin's natural regeneration, which makes it useful in repairing pores and scars from skin wounds and acne.

> Compared to the current therapy products, which have benefits that last for six to twelve weeks, the product's effects can last for approximately 24 to 30 weeks.

> The product's primary ingredient, PLA, is a biodegradable macromolecule biopolymer that breaks down naturally in the body over time and is expelled to the outside through metabolism. As such, it poses no health risks to humans.

Preparations for the Treatment

When getting ready the day before the operation

1. One day prior to the surgery, mix with five milliliters of physiological saline and leave it alone.

2. Before using it, give it a gentle shake for roughly ten minutes. => A milder injection is offered.

When it comes to getting ready on the day of the procedure

- Add 5 milliliters of physiological saline 30 minutes before to the procedure by using a Vortex Mixer set to 3000 rpm or higher for 15 to 20 minutes.